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It's Official!...MuseMeMuse.com

Muse.Me.Muse is more than just a fashion blog, we are a lifestyle, a symbol of our culture, and creating a .com officializes the beginning of our movement. We have been working hard to turn our blog into our own, and the website is still under construction. Post will still be created daily, but now can be read at MuseMeMuse.com!


Brad and Angelina...Protectors

America's favorite couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has teamed up with the very popular jewelry brand Asprey to create a jewelry line called "The Protector". The line consists of high-end jewelry inspired by snakes. The line is set to release later on this week at Asprey stores located in London, New York, Beverly Hills, Tokyo and Dubai. Given Jolie and Pitt's generous nature, the proceeds from "The Protector" will not go to them, but to the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict Charity which was co-founded by Jolie in 2006. The two decided to inspire the design of their jewelry behind the image of a snake because when Jolie was pregnant with her daughter Shiloh, she received a ring in the shape of a snake, and ever since then she has considered the snake to be the protector of her family.


New Ray-Ban 'Colorize' Campaign


Ray-Ban has just released their new advertisements for their new Colorize campaign.  I love the classic Ray-Ban look, but I'm over the ultra-violet color phase.  The ads are inspired by Andy Warhol, another person, I am not a fan of!  Andy Warhol was a dope guy, anyone who does what they want, especially in a time it's not accepted or appreciated is dope, but after watching the movie "Factory Girl", I no longer was a fan of the person Andy Warhol.(watch it, or google it, you'll understand).  I much prefer, the previous Ray Ban campaign, Never Hide, which had a more of a 70's comic hero mien.

Ray-Ban.Drill from d.kele on Vimeo.

Paint from Ray-Ban Films on Vimeo.

Coco Chanel Gets Technologic

So I came across this Coco Chanel cell phone concept created by Fred de Garilhe. I have never been a fan of fashion labeled phones because they look much better than they operate, and at this point I don't know if this phone would be an exception. Based on Garilhe's vision for the phone, it seems as though this phone will unfortunately remain a concept. The world just isn't technologically ready for something this extravagant.

"It contains twelve micro fibers which are in charge with sending the image components on the glass enabling the right amount of light that would appear just when the phone is open and the removable part is pushed on the side."


Fashion. It's A Lifestyle!


Fashion goes far beyond, clothing, shoes, and accessories, its a lifestyle!  Interior Design and Property Development company Candy and Candy, completely understand that, and to sum their work up in one word, SEXY!  Brothers Nick and Christian Candy specialize in interior design of homes, jets,yachts, and cars, and once a year, they publish online magazine Candid.  Nick and Christian, have decided to share their design secrets with the world and are planning to launch their first design school in 2010.  All ability levels are welcomed, and if interested just register on their website.  I would love to take a few pointers from the two, their style is impeccably sexy.


Gemma Ward Bids Modeling Farewell

Gemma Ward has graced countless covers of fashion magazines and has walked numerous runways of the top designers. Considered one of the most popular and successful fashion models right now, Ward has called it quits with her modeling career. Known for her extremely thin shape, she has allegedly retired from modeling, at the young age of 22, due to the ridicule she received for gaining a few pounds. Everyone knows that the modeling industry is cut-throat and the vision for the "perfect"female model is that you have to be very tall and thin. I think it's unfortunate that a model that was so successful and envied could be broken down so heavily. This goes to show that although it may come across that models have so much confidence, they also have insecurities, probably more so than the average person. I'm saddened that Gemma has decided to leave the modeling industry but let's hope that this is just a phase and she returns soon!

Below are pictures of the healthier looking Gemma Ward that has attracted so much ridicule. Ward blames the weight gain on the grief she has endured due to the loss of her good "friend" Heath Ledger who she was allegedly dating before his death.

Rent The Runway...High End Fashion For All

Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Carter Fleiss, two recent Harvard Business School graduates have created the beautiful idea of renting and returning designer dresses, called Rent the Runway. With the help of Diane Von Furstenburg, and a few business plans, these two young ladies formed a business, similar to Netflix.  You are able to browse, high end designer dresses online, and for 10% of the retail price rent a dress. Two sizes (just in case your not what you think you are) are sent to your door, and once your  done wearing the dress, it is sent back in a pre-packaged box.  This is no different than what celebrities do when sample pieces are loaned out. Rent The Runway, has made high fashion more accessible to the public.  Sorry fella's they currently only rent dresses, but that sounds like another great untouched business!


Lady Gaga and Alexander McQueen love each other! (New music video "Bad Romance")

I love how my favorite artist right now, Lady Gaga, has alligned with one of my all time favorite designers Alexander McQueen to spread their unique style around the globe. For his Spring 2010 showcase, McQueen had his models walk the finale to "Bad Romance", Lady Gaga's first single off her new album "The Fame Monster" (set to release November 24th!!) . In return, for the music video (released today), Lady Gaga showed off a variety of  McQueen's clothing and shoes. I am convinced that Lady Gaga and McQueen were made for each other! Below you will find Lady Gaga's newest video "Bad Romance" and McQueen's Spring 2010 collection finale.

Another Designer Gone...

Spring 2010

Its sad to see designer go bankrupt, or put in a position where they can no longer express their love to the world.  Although I'm no fan of British label, Luella, I sympathize with Ms.Luella Bartley.  She thought her problems ended when Club 21 decided they would no longer invest in her line, but now her 2010 Spring Collection will not even be shipped.   Some blame it on the economy, but if your truly that good, someone will help you.   Luella's past 2009 collection gives the vibe of what a grandmother would wear to a tea party, with everything garnished in lace and frills.  But this Spring 2010 collection was slightly different, more girly,with an air of the sixties.  Her collections are great inspiration, but I doubt I would ever want to wear a complete look.

Spring 2009

Spring 2008


New Song: B-Day Suit by Shawn Morris from Phli Hi Club

The Phli Hi Club has released another new song "B-Day Suit" by Shawn Morris, produced by Justin Rose. It's quite catchy, and I like it!  Be on the look out for the complete mixtape 'The World Don't Know Yet', November 23rd, which will be available for download on The Phli Hi Club blog. We're loving it, so you should DOWNLOAD IT!


Top Ten Victoria's Secret Finalist

Victoria's Secret has picked 10 females to enter "Angel Bootcamp", and none of these finalist are from New York!  I was a bit shocked to hear such things, NY step it up, we need to be represented on that Angel catwalk.  The remaining 10 females will go through a series of competitions, where they have to show their skills as a spokesmodel, red carpet and star quality, as well as the photogenic qualities, and of course their charisma while walking the runway in lingerie.  It is the "peoples" choice, so beginning November 9th, vote for your favorite finalist at  VSAllAccess.com or CBS.comyou can also view videos of the finalist competing. 


Rihanna Exposed

Everyone must watch the full 20/20 interview of Rihanna speaking about that unforgettable night when she was beaten.  I thought this was the most important part of the whole interview, go Robin, for knowing what needs to be done, rather than doing what you feel.  The video is truly genuine, you can tell she still has love for Chris Brown.  The interview made me realize what a terrible position they both are in; to be in love but unable to show and express it.  I'm not diggin' RiRi's hair in this, no doubt this girl has style, but im not feeling the interview look.  Did you catch the rings though. K@raz! Love Them!


When do we draw the line?

So when do we draw the line between high fashion and trashy? Fashion photographer Terry Richardson, known for his risque photographs, has been ridiculed for his spread in Purple Fashion Magazine which consisted of various female models taking part in sexually explicit activity. Although the models and clothes looked fabulous, the overall theme of the spread was tasteless. The magazine featured supermodels Eniko Mihalik, Freja Beha, Magdalena Frankowiak, and Abbey Lee Kershaw. 


Barbie Is Now Wearing Louboutin!

Barbie will forever be an iconic figure, and now Christian Louboutin has become apart of the Barbie history.  Louboutin has teamed up with barbie maker, Mattel, to create a new wardrobe for Barbie, and has plans to put her in a more "lifelike situations".  I wouldn't say a Vegas dancer, burglary, and photo shoots, are true lifelike scenarios.  Louboutin has been named Barbie's yearlong Godfather; I wouldn't mind having him as a Godfather, free Louboutin's, maybe?  Louboutin's inspiration for Barbie's wardrobe is said to be Nefertiti and Marilyn Monroe.  What a combination!  Check out the photo's, Barbie is sporting Louboutins, in every one, the Louboutins in the burglary scene are my fav!


Victoria Secret Angels

With the Victoria Secret annual show set to air December 1st, we will be seeing a few new "Angels" this time around. Added to the line up will be Emanuela de Paula, Lindsay Ellingson, Candice Swanepoel, Rosey Hunnigton-Whiteley, and Chanel Iman. Unfortunately Angel veterans Heidi Klum and Adriana Lima will not be walking in the show due to their pregnancies. But to compensate, Heidi will be hosting the show, which I am excited to say is returning back to NYC!!

New Angels from left: Emanuela, Lindsay, Candice, Rosie, and Chanel.
Another new twist to the show this year is, Victoria Secret is holding casting calls all around the country to get their final Angel for the show...very exciting news! 

The Newest Trend in Fashion...Minx!

From Rihanna to Lady Gaga  all the hot women in the show biz are obsessed by this one fashion...Minx! It is quickly emerging into one of the hottest trends in fashion all around the world. Minx nails are not only being seen on all the celebrities, but also on the runway. Many designers such as Derek Lam and Tracey Reese have incorporates Minx into their collections.

What's so special about Minx nails that has all the celebrities obsessed with them, watch the video below to find out! Minx nail designs can cost anywhere from $55-$80 varying on what exactly you chose to get. You can get anything applied to you minx nails such as designs to match your outfit to faces of your loved ones, the choices are endless. Minx nails are not applied like traditional nail polish, they are applied by a heating process and last about 3x longer than polish. I suggest everyone should try Minx at least once...I'm sure you'll love it!

Visit this website to find salon locations in your area! http://www.minxnails.com/dnn/