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Barbie Is Now Wearing Louboutin!

Barbie will forever be an iconic figure, and now Christian Louboutin has become apart of the Barbie history.  Louboutin has teamed up with barbie maker, Mattel, to create a new wardrobe for Barbie, and has plans to put her in a more "lifelike situations".  I wouldn't say a Vegas dancer, burglary, and photo shoots, are true lifelike scenarios.  Louboutin has been named Barbie's yearlong Godfather; I wouldn't mind having him as a Godfather, free Louboutin's, maybe?  Louboutin's inspiration for Barbie's wardrobe is said to be Nefertiti and Marilyn Monroe.  What a combination!  Check out the photo's, Barbie is sporting Louboutins, in every one, the Louboutins in the burglary scene are my fav!

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