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H&M Home Collection

H&M, my favorite store of the moment, has launched a home collection.  Unfortunately, the one and only showroom is at the H&M headquarters in Stockholm.  The H&M design team has teamed up with the creatively artistic design company UXUS , and has created a gallery of fashionable home products.  The showroom is meant to be hands on, and entice the customer to explore and touch. The installation, "Home Reflections" is a combination of mirrors and suspended furniture.  It is meant to reflect the eclectic and ever-changing relationship between identity and style.  I don't know about all of that, but I am definitely attracted  and intrigued by the artwork, but it is a distraction to the actual home collection.  Because I am already a fan of H&M, if the home collection were available in the US, I would check it out, but the design overtakes the actual product, so kudos to UXUS.

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