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Designers inspired by the dark side!

Halloween is right around the corner, meaning everyone is putting their last minute touch's on their costumes! But for those of us who haven't even started searching for costumes (tisk tisk), don't fret, I may be able to help. Take a look at a few of these chilling looks from some of the biggest names in fashion, they are sure to give you a burst of inspiration! (click on image to enlarge)

Alexander McQueen- "No one knows how to chill an audience's bones like McQueen!"

John Galliano- "Embracing the beautiful and beastly his runway vision runs the gamut from the impish to gaudy to batshit insane!"

Gareth Pugh- "Obscuring the line between sculpture, sci-fi, and cyberpunk, he seems poised to rival McQueen's legacy and Britain's most visionary designer!"


This is Indian Vogue??

Controversy surfaced on a recent fashion spread in India's Vogue Magazine. In the spread you see some of the latest fashion must haves such as a Hermes Birkin bag (valued at $10, 000 plus), a Burberry umbrella, a Fendi bib, and more obscenely expensive items. Now there is nothing out of the ordinary about the accessories shown in the spread, but what readers found odd were the people modeling the accessories. They weren't models, or celebrities, but impoverished residents of India's most grungiest slums. I don't know why the magazine thought it would be acceptable to publish such a controversial ad. I feel like this is disrespectful to the poor people in India, because the accessories they were sporting in the magazine is worth more than what most of the people could make in a year.

And to add more insult, the "models" were not even addressed by their names in the magazine, but referred to by "lady", "man", or "little boy",  illustrating that the people were the props  and the accessories was the main story. When the editor of Vogue India, Priya Tanna, was bombarded by complaints her response was, "Lighten up, vogue is about realizing the power of fashion, fashion is no longer a rich man's privilege, anyone can carry it off and make it look beautiful. You have to remember with fashion you can't take it that seriously. We weren't trying to make a political statement or save the world!" I can see how people feel as though this glamorizes human suffering.


This Is It...We Love Balmain!

"This Is It" , the new Michael Jackson movie is premiering tomorrow, and I can't wait to see it.  When I think of the great MJ, many things come to mind, Balmain , being one of them.  Michael Jackson made Balmain popular, no doubt Balmain was known before Michael Jackson started wearing it, but because of MJ, the name Balmain will forever be legendary. Above are some pics of MJ's Balmain looks, and below the Spring 2010 show.  Christophe Decarnin , the current head designer of Balmain, fuses tough-chick, and structered glam, like no other!

New Video: "I Can Transform Ya" Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne

Don't get used to seeing post of just music and videos, but I <3 this song, and have been waiting for this video, which I think is a disappointment, but Chris Brown is looking good. I wouldn't mind going to one of his intimate concerts!


The Phli Hi Club

Friends of Muse.Me.Muse, The Phli Hi Club, just released a new single All Good Though  by Shawn Morris, produced by Justin Rose.  Both are up and coming names you'll want to know, and will be glad to say you heard them first.  Download and hear the song at http://www.limelinx.com/files/bf69908164f3f8cea30da1e11eca39e1 Also, be on the look out for their blog, ThePhliHiclub.com, where Shawn's mixtape can also be downloaded.  The mixtape is set to debut November 23rd, so be on the look out for both the blog and the mixtape!


Fella's...we haven't forgotten about you!!

For all the male followers, we have some goodies for you too!!! DKNY has just debuted it's Spring 2010 Menswear Collection. Now I have not always been a fan of DKNY, but as the years passed, I have fallen more in love with the line. This collection is a bit nautical and some complain that it is reminiscent of Ralph Lauren, but I disagree. I feel like this line has it's own distinct look, with the blazers (HUGE TREND ALERT!!!), cropped pants, and button up shirts, a lot of males will enjoy this collection. If you are looking for anything from casual to classy, then this is the line you should go to. I hope you guys enjoy, because from a female perspective, this collection definitely has a lot of eye candy!!!


We Were Once A Fairytale

Spike Jones, director of recent film "Where the Wild Things Are" and video Flashing Lights, also recently directed a short film, featuring Kanye West, "We Were Once A Fairytale". The short film was created 6 months ago, and was supposed to be the video for the song See You In My Nightmares, but changed into a mini movie. I'm no fan of Kanye West, but I am a fan of all his creative work, this movie no exception. Creative genius? Maybe.


Picture Perfect?

Once upon a time, beautiful people were hired to take beautiful pictures. Nowadays, with the technology we have, a company can hire a bum and and alter their appearance to look like the most stunning person in the world. As time progresses, the definition of beauty evolves. Decades ago, you had to be thick and busty, like Marilyn Monroe, to be considered beautiful. Then some time later, models like Twiggy (my idol), changed the perception of beauty into thin, skeletal, tall frames. This video, developed by Dove, illustrates how someone's image can be altered so easily to look like someone they aren't. This is done in a lot of the ads and magazines we see today, and people don't realize it. But hopefully this video is enlightening, and shows that pictures can be very misleading.

Vogue Magazine...black or white?

Vogue Magazine, also known as the "Fashion Bible", has recently caused some controversy amongst some of it's readers. A recent spread featured images of caucasian models painted black. I personally thought it was a unique concept, but other's did not feel the same way. The magazine is being accused of it's cultural insensitivity and a lot of people are raising havoc due to the spread. I have a suggestion for Vogue Magazine, instead of painting white models black, get some REAL black models in your magazine (hint hint)!!


Jimmy Choo for H&M

Earlier today H&M released a video about the highly anticipated Jimmy Choo for H&M collection, set to be in stores November 14th.  The collection includes handbags, shoes, and clothing, all which can mix and match with one another.  This is my type of collection, basically all black without having that goth feel! Tamara Mellon, gives a little insight about the upcoming collection.

Ad for the upcoming line. Not nearly as good as the Matthew Williamson ad, that I love and can watch a million times!

Oh Dear B&W Photography...How I miss you!

In high school I had the luxury of a free darkroom, and an unlimited supply of chemicals, and paper.  Now that I am all grown up(lol), and no longer having those luxuries, b&w photography has slowly left my life, to expensive for my lifestyle.  But after seeing these fashion week photos by Marcus Bleasdale   I realize my dormant passion for photography, can remain that way no more.  Bleasdale was fortunate enough to attend fashion week in Milan, Paris, and New York, both backstage and upfront to top designer shows like John Galliano, Giorgio Armani, Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent, and Nina Ricci, just to name a few.


Chris Brown on Tour...What?

Coincidentally, the same day Rihanna released her single "Russian Roulette", Chris Brown announces he will be going on tour. Brown's "Fan Appreciation Tour", will be unlike any of his previous tours, all are at small ,"intimite" venues, which will allow him to truly show his appreciation and thanks to all his fans. Is that so Chris, or are we just scared large arenas won't fill up like before? Anytime I think of Chris Brown, I think of two things, Rihannas crazy mug shot, and this ridiculous wedding where the wedding party walked down the aisle to "Forever". Someone else also made a mock video of the couples divorce. Can't believe people took the time to do this.

Rihanna is Back!!

This is the dope cover of Rihanna's new album "Rated R", set to release on November 23rd. This is her first independent musical release since the drama with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. It is said that this album will have a few songs geared towards her abusive relationship. Such as her newest single "Russian Roulette" (listen below). Apparently after tragedy and turmoil, musicians make their best music, let's hope this is the case with "Rated R", I know I'm looking forward to it!


Size Matters?

Glamours recent story "These Bodies Are Beautiful"

The fashion industry is constantly being bashed for being obsessed with thin.  But are they really, or is it people who aren't what the industry portrays obsessed with thin?  Donnatella Versace was recently asked "Why do designers typically refuse to design for sizes above 10,"  She responded that Versace does offer larger sizes and just wouldn't want to do a plus size line.  Now there's this big debacle over Ralph Lauren model Fillipa Hamilton being dropped for gaining too much weight, and stylist Robert Verdi comments on it "I think people of all sizes should be wearing clothes.  I don't know if they necessarily need to be photographed in clothes," and later adding "I think food is for fat people and poor people. Rich people don't eat.  They get dressed up and go shopping." Ok. so he was a little out of line for the second comment, but I totally agree, we recognize people of all sizes should wear clothes, but I know I don't want to see them parading the runway, or ruling the pages of magazines.  Glamour recently had a story about plus size models,  I don't argue that their not beautiful, because they are, but its not something I want to see on a daily basis. Fashion is sometimes fantasy, and a plus size image is not in my fantasy.

New Lady Gaga-Alejandro

I am a huge fan of Gaga's work, and this song is no exception. Love everything about it, it's unique and different. Check it out and tell us what you think! By the way, Lady Gaga will be re-releasing her latest album "The Fame" on Novermber 24th. It will be called "The Fame Monster". This album will include all of her songs from "The Fame" and eight ENTIRELY NEW songs, including Alejandro.


Fashion is art...just ask Alexander McQueen!!

A lot of people have complaints that runway fashion is getting out of hand. Meaning a lot of the things you see on the runway aren’t typically suitable to wear for any occasion. What people don’t understand is that a lot of designers (especially high fashion designers) view their collections as art rather than just clothes to wear, and they want their lines to tell a story.

For example, let’s take Alexander McQueen. His Spring 2010 runway collection has gotten a lot of hype. But the story/theme behind his line was a statement about the future of our world, more specifically, the meltdown of our world due to global warming. “McQueen’s version of Waterworld showcased mankind as alien-like creatures forced to adapt/evolve and live in the sea as the polar ice caps have melted. Out came clothing in reptilian prints and sequins to mimic fish scales.” The heels on the runway looked like they were out of this world, or at least this land.  They were super high, skeletal-like and featured interestingly curved booties designed for the animalistic and bold. As outrageous as this line may seem, there will still be people investing their money into a pair of those shoes, or one those dresses!

Fashion Week- NY vs. LA

So as we all know, there has always been the tale old battle between New York and Los Angeles. They compete with everything, from who attracts the most tourist all the way down to sports. But from my perspective, I feel as though the biggest battle they have is that of FASHION! Both cities are undoubtedly Mecca's of fashion, but who has who beat?

Although it's been a few short weeks since New York has said goodbye to the tents (fashion week), the exhibits and clothing that was presented during this time was out of this world...literally! This was said to be one of the best years for New York fashion week. New faces were seen such as London's own Gareth Pugh, who for the past two seasons has shown his line for Paris Fashion Week, but made his debut to the US this year at NY Fashion Week.

LA is in the middle of their fashion week and I am eager to see how it goes. Apparently LA has come a long way since they first started fashion week, which they called "Press Week", where they only exhibited local designer's clothing and lines. Now they have some of the best designers in the world showing at their fashion week such as Louis Verdad, David Alexander, Rock and Republic and much more.

It's hard to say where I stand on who I feel has a better presentation at the end of the week, actually no it's not, NY Fashion Week clearly takes the cake. But I feel as though this is so because it's been established and recognized far more than LA Fashion Week. As the years pass, and more high fashion, popular designers are added to the shows, LA Fashion Week might be able to compete with NY in the future, but I wouldn't bet on it! I'll get back to you at a later date to share LA Fashion Week wrapped up, look out for pictures!

Where the Wild Things Are

Animated version of the book.
Finally went and saw the much talked about film, "Where the Wild Things Are ", and EVERYONE should go see it, children, teens, adults. Everyone!  The children will be captivated by the images, while the older crowd will fall in love with the family values, and appreciate the psychoanalytical personalities of the characters.  It wasn't love at first sight for me, I didn't think the angry, destructive behavior was children appropriate, and the monsters all had some type of depressing issue.  The movie makes you think, which is why I advise all to see, and the soundtrack (Karen O and the Kids) was AMAZING! Not something to put on the ipod, but it made the movie.  The movie came at the perfect time, right in the midst of a fur craze.  You can't walk down the street today without seeing someone with a fur hat, vest, coat, or boots.  Every store has some piece that looks inspired by the fur of the "Wild Things".


First Event of Many!

Last night Moschino, Vogue, and the Whitney Contemporaries presented Moschino's 2010 Spring exclusive preview featuring a window installation and artwork by artist Ryan Humphrey. The artwork and collection were a perfect collaboration; the artwork entitled "Darkness at Sunrise" was the perfect back drop for the dark color scheme of the collection. In the photos you can see how well Humphrey's artwork accented the clothes, the artwork more grungier than the clothes, but still a great compliment.

I was super excited to attend the event, hopefully the first of many! No one really looked at the clothes. Had me wondering what was the point of the preview, but hey it was great for networking. Champagne and sparkling water (VOSS my fav.), along with mini hors d'oevres I no longer remember the names of, and macaroons. First time I ever ate a macaroon and definitely the last! The Moschino store is super cute, I <3 the couches made out of hearts, and then the silver hearts on the floor. I need to make a visit when there aren't so many people.