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Size Matters?

Glamours recent story "These Bodies Are Beautiful"

The fashion industry is constantly being bashed for being obsessed with thin.  But are they really, or is it people who aren't what the industry portrays obsessed with thin?  Donnatella Versace was recently asked "Why do designers typically refuse to design for sizes above 10,"  She responded that Versace does offer larger sizes and just wouldn't want to do a plus size line.  Now there's this big debacle over Ralph Lauren model Fillipa Hamilton being dropped for gaining too much weight, and stylist Robert Verdi comments on it "I think people of all sizes should be wearing clothes.  I don't know if they necessarily need to be photographed in clothes," and later adding "I think food is for fat people and poor people. Rich people don't eat.  They get dressed up and go shopping." Ok. so he was a little out of line for the second comment, but I totally agree, we recognize people of all sizes should wear clothes, but I know I don't want to see them parading the runway, or ruling the pages of magazines.  Glamour recently had a story about plus size models,  I don't argue that their not beautiful, because they are, but its not something I want to see on a daily basis. Fashion is sometimes fantasy, and a plus size image is not in my fantasy.

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