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Where the Wild Things Are

Animated version of the book.
Finally went and saw the much talked about film, "Where the Wild Things Are ", and EVERYONE should go see it, children, teens, adults. Everyone!  The children will be captivated by the images, while the older crowd will fall in love with the family values, and appreciate the psychoanalytical personalities of the characters.  It wasn't love at first sight for me, I didn't think the angry, destructive behavior was children appropriate, and the monsters all had some type of depressing issue.  The movie makes you think, which is why I advise all to see, and the soundtrack (Karen O and the Kids) was AMAZING! Not something to put on the ipod, but it made the movie.  The movie came at the perfect time, right in the midst of a fur craze.  You can't walk down the street today without seeing someone with a fur hat, vest, coat, or boots.  Every store has some piece that looks inspired by the fur of the "Wild Things".

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