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Picture Perfect?

Once upon a time, beautiful people were hired to take beautiful pictures. Nowadays, with the technology we have, a company can hire a bum and and alter their appearance to look like the most stunning person in the world. As time progresses, the definition of beauty evolves. Decades ago, you had to be thick and busty, like Marilyn Monroe, to be considered beautiful. Then some time later, models like Twiggy (my idol), changed the perception of beauty into thin, skeletal, tall frames. This video, developed by Dove, illustrates how someone's image can be altered so easily to look like someone they aren't. This is done in a lot of the ads and magazines we see today, and people don't realize it. But hopefully this video is enlightening, and shows that pictures can be very misleading.


Donte Peeks said...

Seriously, this is how i feel about most females no offense...I barely get excited because I have good sense of knowing whats underneath.....Everything in this world (mainly the USA for some reason) seems to be based of false acknowledgement and imagery or the traditional insecurity. I have little faith in society. ALL HYPE

Anonymous said...

That why society has a fucked up sense of beauty dumb cunts. lol

Cindy Gamboa said...

I think this video is so important for people to understand how not everything in the media is validated as the truth! And this blog is actually really good! and interesting!! I love the features in this blog! Keep up the good work!