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Fella's...we haven't forgotten about you!!

For all the male followers, we have some goodies for you too!!! DKNY has just debuted it's Spring 2010 Menswear Collection. Now I have not always been a fan of DKNY, but as the years passed, I have fallen more in love with the line. This collection is a bit nautical and some complain that it is reminiscent of Ralph Lauren, but I disagree. I feel like this line has it's own distinct look, with the blazers (HUGE TREND ALERT!!!), cropped pants, and button up shirts, a lot of males will enjoy this collection. If you are looking for anything from casual to classy, then this is the line you should go to. I hope you guys enjoy, because from a female perspective, this collection definitely has a lot of eye candy!!!

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Josh said...

I'm definitely copping up! I wanna be the first on this ha ... Great post