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Fashion Week- NY vs. LA

So as we all know, there has always been the tale old battle between New York and Los Angeles. They compete with everything, from who attracts the most tourist all the way down to sports. But from my perspective, I feel as though the biggest battle they have is that of FASHION! Both cities are undoubtedly Mecca's of fashion, but who has who beat?

Although it's been a few short weeks since New York has said goodbye to the tents (fashion week), the exhibits and clothing that was presented during this time was out of this world...literally! This was said to be one of the best years for New York fashion week. New faces were seen such as London's own Gareth Pugh, who for the past two seasons has shown his line for Paris Fashion Week, but made his debut to the US this year at NY Fashion Week.

LA is in the middle of their fashion week and I am eager to see how it goes. Apparently LA has come a long way since they first started fashion week, which they called "Press Week", where they only exhibited local designer's clothing and lines. Now they have some of the best designers in the world showing at their fashion week such as Louis Verdad, David Alexander, Rock and Republic and much more.

It's hard to say where I stand on who I feel has a better presentation at the end of the week, actually no it's not, NY Fashion Week clearly takes the cake. But I feel as though this is so because it's been established and recognized far more than LA Fashion Week. As the years pass, and more high fashion, popular designers are added to the shows, LA Fashion Week might be able to compete with NY in the future, but I wouldn't bet on it! I'll get back to you at a later date to share LA Fashion Week wrapped up, look out for pictures!

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