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Fashion is art...just ask Alexander McQueen!!

A lot of people have complaints that runway fashion is getting out of hand. Meaning a lot of the things you see on the runway aren’t typically suitable to wear for any occasion. What people don’t understand is that a lot of designers (especially high fashion designers) view their collections as art rather than just clothes to wear, and they want their lines to tell a story.

For example, let’s take Alexander McQueen. His Spring 2010 runway collection has gotten a lot of hype. But the story/theme behind his line was a statement about the future of our world, more specifically, the meltdown of our world due to global warming. “McQueen’s version of Waterworld showcased mankind as alien-like creatures forced to adapt/evolve and live in the sea as the polar ice caps have melted. Out came clothing in reptilian prints and sequins to mimic fish scales.” The heels on the runway looked like they were out of this world, or at least this land.  They were super high, skeletal-like and featured interestingly curved booties designed for the animalistic and bold. As outrageous as this line may seem, there will still be people investing their money into a pair of those shoes, or one those dresses!

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isaiah said...

Never buy these!! Not saying there is anything wrong with these heels(visually), but in an effort towards longevity, these are very detrimental to that oh-so-important joint that allows you to even strut in these 'stilts'. Alex's art completely ignores recent health studies that highlight the dangers of high-heels...so ladies, are these shoes really "to die for". lol

Isaiah P.