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New Ray-Ban 'Colorize' Campaign


Ray-Ban has just released their new advertisements for their new Colorize campaign.  I love the classic Ray-Ban look, but I'm over the ultra-violet color phase.  The ads are inspired by Andy Warhol, another person, I am not a fan of!  Andy Warhol was a dope guy, anyone who does what they want, especially in a time it's not accepted or appreciated is dope, but after watching the movie "Factory Girl", I no longer was a fan of the person Andy Warhol.(watch it, or google it, you'll understand).  I much prefer, the previous Ray Ban campaign, Never Hide, which had a more of a 70's comic hero mien.

Ray-Ban.Drill from d.kele on Vimeo.

Paint from Ray-Ban Films on Vimeo.

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