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The Newest Trend in Fashion...Minx!

From Rihanna to Lady Gaga  all the hot women in the show biz are obsessed by this one fashion...Minx! It is quickly emerging into one of the hottest trends in fashion all around the world. Minx nails are not only being seen on all the celebrities, but also on the runway. Many designers such as Derek Lam and Tracey Reese have incorporates Minx into their collections.

What's so special about Minx nails that has all the celebrities obsessed with them, watch the video below to find out! Minx nail designs can cost anywhere from $55-$80 varying on what exactly you chose to get. You can get anything applied to you minx nails such as designs to match your outfit to faces of your loved ones, the choices are endless. Minx nails are not applied like traditional nail polish, they are applied by a heating process and last about 3x longer than polish. I suggest everyone should try Minx at least once...I'm sure you'll love it!

Visit this website to find salon locations in your area! http://www.minxnails.com/dnn/   


cupcakeRIOT said...

i feel katy perry had a part in making this popular. but minx is hot shit tho

Muse.Me.Muse said...

Yeah she was a popular minx addict too, there were too many to name! But if you like what you see on this blog..follow it!