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Do You Know Where Your Clothes Are Made?

As a production intern, I am constantly at various factories, dropping off fabrics, picking up samples, giving patterns; here is what I see on a weekly basis.  Before this internship, my idea of the factories where my clothes were being made, definitely was not this.  What is so interesting about these places, are  that the majority of them are in nice, renovated buildings.  From the outside you would never guess that there are overworked and under paid foreigners slaving over patterns and fabrics.  BTW, whenever you get new clothes, WASH THEM! they are never cleaned, from the time the fabric are picked up to when they are shipped to stores, soap never hits them.  Sometimes they may be steamed, but never cleaned.

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Josh said...

sweat shop? lol ... but im not even goin to front ... when i buy new clothes im lazy and dont feel like washing them ... never more!