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Another Designer Gone...

Spring 2010

Its sad to see designer go bankrupt, or put in a position where they can no longer express their love to the world.  Although I'm no fan of British label, Luella, I sympathize with Ms.Luella Bartley.  She thought her problems ended when Club 21 decided they would no longer invest in her line, but now her 2010 Spring Collection will not even be shipped.   Some blame it on the economy, but if your truly that good, someone will help you.   Luella's past 2009 collection gives the vibe of what a grandmother would wear to a tea party, with everything garnished in lace and frills.  But this Spring 2010 collection was slightly different, more girly,with an air of the sixties.  Her collections are great inspiration, but I doubt I would ever want to wear a complete look.

Spring 2009

Spring 2008

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