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Gemma Ward Bids Modeling Farewell

Gemma Ward has graced countless covers of fashion magazines and has walked numerous runways of the top designers. Considered one of the most popular and successful fashion models right now, Ward has called it quits with her modeling career. Known for her extremely thin shape, she has allegedly retired from modeling, at the young age of 22, due to the ridicule she received for gaining a few pounds. Everyone knows that the modeling industry is cut-throat and the vision for the "perfect"female model is that you have to be very tall and thin. I think it's unfortunate that a model that was so successful and envied could be broken down so heavily. This goes to show that although it may come across that models have so much confidence, they also have insecurities, probably more so than the average person. I'm saddened that Gemma has decided to leave the modeling industry but let's hope that this is just a phase and she returns soon!

Below are pictures of the healthier looking Gemma Ward that has attracted so much ridicule. Ward blames the weight gain on the grief she has endured due to the loss of her good "friend" Heath Ledger who she was allegedly dating before his death.


Josh said...

when shes skinnier she looks like dakota fanning lol ... and i think its a shame how models are pressured to be thinner smh ... guess its just the way of the industry ..

Muse.Me.Muse said...

correction...she she's skinnier DAKOTA FANNING LOOKS LIKE HER