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Rent The Runway...High End Fashion For All

Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Carter Fleiss, two recent Harvard Business School graduates have created the beautiful idea of renting and returning designer dresses, called Rent the Runway. With the help of Diane Von Furstenburg, and a few business plans, these two young ladies formed a business, similar to Netflix.  You are able to browse, high end designer dresses online, and for 10% of the retail price rent a dress. Two sizes (just in case your not what you think you are) are sent to your door, and once your  done wearing the dress, it is sent back in a pre-packaged box.  This is no different than what celebrities do when sample pieces are loaned out. Rent The Runway, has made high fashion more accessible to the public.  Sorry fella's they currently only rent dresses, but that sounds like another great untouched business!

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Josh said...

they are about to get paid! ha ... i might have to look into doing a similar swindle for mens clothing lol